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Mentor Coaching & Skill Building

Effective coaching is both an art and a skill. At the Artful Coach, we focus on supporting beginner and novice Coaches in deepening their own skills in the art of witnessing and responding to the Client.

We mentor and partner with Coaches, in a cycle of observation and feedback, to create new awareness, identify competency gaps, and experiment with new strategies.

We specialize in supporting Coaches, bringing hundreds of hours of experience observing Coaches in action (both in person and from recorded sessions), offering tailored suggestions, providing developmental feedback and strategies to deepen and enhance specific skills.


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Craig is incredibly patient and enlightened. He is unusually good at offering challenging feedback in a way that others can receive it, and breaking down difficult concepts into language that is both clear and actionable.
— Steve
I first had a chance to work with Craig when he reviewed my practice recordings while I was a student in a coach training program. Having a chance to work with Craig in this capacity proved to be one of the genuine highlights of the program, and the feedback he offered through our work together was invaluable.
— Sarah
I had the privilege of having Craig observe my coaching in person. After watching me Coach a Client, he offered both written and verbal feedback on my practice Coaching session. Craig picks up on nuances that only a deeply experienced Coach could see, and offers them in a way that shows how deeply skillful he is at his craft. I was honestly amazed by his ability to listen, write, and notice at the same time - then remember every detail and offer it in a way that was so beneficial. Working with Craig in this capacity was nothing short of awe inspiring.
— Caroline
Working with Craig exceeded expectations in every way. I gave him a 12 out of 10!
— Jamie



I am committed to bringing deep honesty, trust, and partnership into my work with Coaches who are serious about enhancing their own skills. I never compromise quality for time, and offer each client deep personal attention and realistic schedules that accommodate their lives.


About Me


I started coaching in 2011. I am a 48-year old father, husband, brother, friend, coach, student, teacher, and life-long public servant. I value kindness and trust above all other qualities, and strive to be my best Self in all situations and settings.

I live inside the question - what does it look like to bring love and service to others into every part of life?

I am a faculty member at Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching program, and serve as an assessor for the American University and Rutgers University Coaching programs. I have had the good fortune of serving in a variety of other coaching and OD roles, including Director of Organizational Development and Coaching for a business coaching startup in the Federal government, and founder of my own small coaching practice. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients, and partnered in the design of customized interventions for every kind of organizational challenge imaginable. I am also a member of the ICF, and a PCC certified coach.